Would your Family or Business Survive Without You?

Is seeing an insurance specialist really necessary for you?


You Get a Specialist Working For You

We have a consultative approach to enable you to make an informed decision of whether to hold, acquire or dispose of an insurance product.

Even though there are only 5 basic ways to insure yourself – Medical, Life, Trauma, TPD, Income/ Mortgage Protection (Key Person) these can become more individualised and specialised based on your personal circumstances.


Families come in all shapes and sizes 

A person that has a split family that involves children or a family that has 1 person working as the main provider or a household where you have two similar incomes compared to a family that has one high income and one low income.  Having someone who is experienced in these senario’s discussing outcomes with you will make a huge difference to your purchasing decision.

Businesses large & small

When it comes to business needs they also vary dramatically and require specialist products and advice. Some businesses are very simple with one Key Person others have more complex needs that can involve leases, loans, pay role, potential loss of revenue due to the loss of key people.  Other business needs can include partnership, buy/sell agreements, succession planning or group schemes for their team.

We are determined to help you 

Tim Lethlean is extremely passionate about what he does and is well respected throughout the insurance industry as knowledgeable and thorough. If you are looking for someone who is focused on your needs and will work with you through the good times and the hard times, which can and does happen to all of us, then we are a good fit for you because life happens.

With approximately 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, Tim is a strong believer in helping you protect what is important to you for the long term, you and your family and loved ones.

His interests include motor racing, being with other motor enthusiasts with a real passion for the humble Porsche sportscar, fishing where he caught a Marlin at the age of 12, hunting and endure motorbike riding.

Tim is married to Sharon and they have two teenage children whom they are extremely proud of. 

A Disclosure Statement is available upon request free of charge.

Personal and Business insurance often involves future planning and investing into the right cover at the start will make a huge difference over your lifetime as businesses and families go through growth phases, increased liabilities and debt reduction. Having a flexible product and an adviser working with you as your life changes will make your insured life easy.


This is why we have relationships with several leading New Zealand insurance providers and we do this for a very valid reason as each provider has specialist products that can benefit you and your budget as insurance can be for both your long term and short term needs.

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