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Your Family And Business Are Important To You.

Does your current insurance give you peace of mind?


Why choose Delray Group?

At Delray you get an insurance specialist working for you. We care about giving you good advice, enabling you to make informed decisions making your insured life easy.


We use a consultative approach, helping you understand the various risks and possibilities with your insurance product. Throughout the consultation process your requirements are always kept at the forefront, so the options best suited to your situation can be discussed

We believe in long term relationships with our clients. In building relationships we can better provide you peace of mind through insurance.


Families come in all shapes and sizes 

Delray is experienced in providing insurance solutions for a variety of family situations. We recognise that not all families have the same structure, and insurance policies need to be tailored to your unique situation. Having someone who is experienced managing a variety of family scenario’s to discuss outcomes with you, will make a huge difference to your purchasing decision.

Businesses large & small

Business needs vary dramatically, requiring specialist products and advice. Some businesses have simple structures while others are more complex. Specialist advice helps you to select the products best suited to your businesses structure.

The benefit to you

Personal and Business insurance often involves future planning. Investing into the right cover at the start will make a huge difference over your lifetime as businesses and families go through growth phases, increased liabilities, and debt reduction. Having a flexible product, and an adviser working with you as your life changes, will make your insured life easy. 

We have relationships with several leading New Zealand insurance providers. Each provider has specialist products that can benefit you, working with your budget to provide cover for both your short and long term needs.

Our disclosure document is available here

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