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Individualised cover based on your personal circumstances

Insurance is a large and complex topic, which is why we specialise in one field of our industry, loss protection. We offer insurance products in 5 key areas of loss protection - Medical, Life, Trauma, Total Permanent Disability (TPD), & Income/ Mortgage Protection (Key Person). 

People often look for one company to do everything, and this leads them to receive sub standard advice – if you were going to have brain surgery you wouldn’t consult the heart specialist. Specialising in one field enables us to give the best possible advice for insurance cover based on your requirements and situation.


Our Network

We utilise other professionals through our network who specialise in the areas of fire and general insurance, such as covering your house, contents, cars, boats, pets, travel, public liability, professional indemnity etc. 

We also have access to legal, accounting or investment/financial planning advice. Should you need assistance with the arrangements of Mortgages or KiwiSaver products, we can put you in contact with the right people in all areas above.

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